Koh Kong Special Economic Zone

Japanese car parts supplier Yazaki Corporation, garment factory KKN, and Japanese sports goods manufacturing company MIKASA Corporation already call the Koh Kong Special Economic Zone (KKSEZ) home – as does South Korea-based Motor Company Hyundai.

Such prestigious companies have already seen the sense of relocating their production plants to Koh Kong to take advantage of Cambodia’s open business climate and newfound stability.

With its location in between Thailand and Vietnam Cambodia – and the KKSEZ - are becoming viable alternatives to neighbouring countries.

Set up with an investment of USD 60 million and to a spec that meets the standards of Asian ‘blue chip’ companies the KKSEZ is laid out on a 335 hectare estate. Its buildings are purpose built for production efficiency.

Staff quarters are close to hand and transport links are already established. National Road No. 48 and the newly expanded road links to Thailand, not to mention the nearby Koh Kong port, make KKSEZ a strategic location that offers efficient and inexpensive transportation of raw materials and finished goods.

KKSEZ has been established to provide a benefit to all relevant partners in keeping with the Cambodian government’s win-win strategies. The zone is now providing hundreds of job opportunities for Cambodia people as well as a relocation where foreign investor can easily repatriate their money.