Koh Kong Infrastructure & Utilities

The L.Y.P Group’s impressive track record with major infrastructure projects helped the group win the 30 year concession to build and operate the 1,900 metre long Koh Kong Bridge.

Built in 2002 under the Royal Government of Cambodia’s BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) scheme, the Koh Kong Bridge is the longest bridge in Cambodia. The bridge links the provincial town of Koh Kong to the Cambodian-Thai border district, Mondul Seyma.

In addition to building the all-important Koh Kong Bridge, the L.Y.P Group is also providing affordable power and water supplies to cater to the country’s increasing demand in Koh Kong and Oddor Meanchey provinces where the L.Y.P Group’s resort businesses operate.

The L.Y.P Group today is not only one of the leading players in the electricity business, but is also rapidly becoming the leading bio-energy and infrastructure player in Cambodia.

The group’s future projects include plans for a 200 MW Hydropower plant in Koh Kong province, a 15 metre deep natural sea port servicing a 2,200 hectare special economic zone – also in Koh Kong - and electricity transmission lines connecting Tinh Ning province in Vietnam to Kompong Cham province in Cambodia.

Business line:

  • Koh Kong Electricity and Water Supply Co.,Ltd
  • Koh Kong Bridge Co.,Ltd
  • Koh Kong Seaboard Co.,Ltd